Goodbye and thanks for all the flights

Important notice to all members and potential flyers

Over the recent years, a number of factors have taken their toll on Edinburgh Flying Club, making operations increasingly difficult. Whilst the Committee and the instructors have tried hard to keep the club running, and investigate means of maintaining a flying presence at Scotland's capital city, the committee has reluctantly concluded that flying operations shall cease with effect from 31st March 2016.

Existing members can continue to fly until that date, however we are not accepting new members or students and are no longer offering trial flights.

This will end a period of club flying and PPL training which stretches back over 80 years, and marks a very sad day for the Club and for General Aviation in the UK.

Thank you to everyone who has ever supported the Club or flown with us in the past.

[updated 29/2/2016]

G-BNGT on the Flying Club parking area Flying Club aircraft - G-BPFH Flying Club aircraft - G-BPFH